Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What comes around....

Now I realise that I've probably been in the delivery business too long or I'm getting old. 

I've got used to the fact that fashions keep changing but keep coming back to the same styles.  Rock music that I loved in the 70's and 80's is becoming popular again - well at least with my teenage daughters. 

So nothing really changes - everything just goes in cycles - around and around and nothing really new is invented.

Now Agile is maturing it's under threat from a new approach - Kanban.  If you're not sure what Kanban is then have a look at this great Kanban 101 guide.

I read this article and I thought - "Hang on a moment - I remember Kanban from 30 years ago when I first started out as a Manufacturing Consultant". I was implementing 'Just in Time' and the 'Theory of Constraints' in JCB, Texas Instruments, Caterpillar and other organiations.  It was the latest thing at the time and the subject of the famous book "The Goal" Now 30 years later I'm being told it's "new" and the "in thing"!

Looking on my bookshelf I've still got all of the white papers, articles and stuff that I created all that time ago.  Maybe I should dust it all off and get ready to write the "Forget Agile it's old hat - implement Kanban - you know it makes sense" novel.  Alternatively I could just call it - "Common sense - it just doesn't get old" Unlike me :-)


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