Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Agile and Stress

For the last two weeks I've begun to realise the degree of stress that the Agile transition builds in the Project Team.  Changing from Command & Control to Servant Leadership is a difficult thing to do especially for someone who's been trained in APM or PMI.

To try and address this balance I'm going to be sharing some of my resources that I use for training SCRUM Masters and Product Managers.  Specifically I'll be uploading presentations on Conflict Management, Negotiation, Consultancy, Communications and Stress Management over the next few days.

To start us off I thought that Stress would be a good topic given the week I've had :-)

I really believe that people underestimate the impacts that stress have on project failure but most of us have seen if first hand.  This first presentation highlights the psychology of stress and where it comes from.  As anticipation is a major contributer to stress I'll mention that I'm loading the next in the series tomorrow... Empowerment.

Look here for the Agile & Stress presentation


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