Thursday, 21 April 2011

Agile Qualifications...

I've always been a little worried about the current clamouring for Agile qualifications.  With the PMI, SCURM Alliance and APM all trying to get in on the act my concern was that we're going to end up with a whole pile of conflicting qualifications - just like Project Management before it.

Now it seems that I was right to worry.  I've never really been a fan of the Certified SCRUM Master which seemed to be given out on courses for just turning up in some cases.  The same has been true of some project management certificates.

Apparently that's all going to change.  However, what I wonder is why anyone thinks that a "paper based" examination really gives any idea of the skills of an individual - and yet that's what we seem to keep getting.  Moving towards a more Vocational Qualification approach would not only challenge people to get the right sort of training but also encourage the use of methods & ideas back in the workplace.

If you want to see the latest comparison on Agile Qualifications then give the following article a good read.  It seemed very interesting to me!  Check it out by clicking What's the latest in Agile Project Management Qualifications?

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